South Miami Beach

Premier Vacation Rentals has found some great hotels in Miami and South Beach, Florida! In Miami, there are luxury, beachfront locations that are also near shops, entertainment areas and restaurants. South Beach hotels give you the choice of one, two or three bedrooms and are also conveniently located near the nightlife, exclusive boutiques and some of the best seafood restaurants in Florida! The Miami, South Beach area has a plethora of things to enjoy, from tanning on the beach to scuba diving in the ocean, from working up a sweat in the dance clubs to relaxing in style at the snazzy jazz bars. The coastline running alongside the Miami, South Beach area is beautiful and easily accessible and the hotels in Miami, South Beach are priced to meet a variety of budgets. So head to a Miami, South Beach hotel today!

The Beach Club
Rated 7 3/4
Rated 7 1/2
Junior Suites
One Bedroom Suite # 203
One Bedroom Suite # 303
1 Bedroom Penthouse #1
  • The Bentley - Junior Suites and one bedrooms
  • The Bentley - Junior Suite
  • The Bentley - One Bedroom Suite
  • The Casa
  • The Casa - Junior Suite
  • The Casa - One bedroom apartment
The Mercury - Studio, one bedroom
The Ocean - One bedroom
The Palace - Studio and One Bedroom Condos
  • The South Beach Riviera - Junior Suites,
  • One and Two Bedroom Apartments
North Miami
  • Bal Harbor On The Ocean - Studio
  • Bal Harbor On The Ocean - 1 Bedroom
The Point - Studio and One bedroom condos
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