Before you choose your South Beach vacation rentals, give Premier Vacation Rentals a call! Premier Vacation Rentals can help you choose the location in South Beach thatís just right for you. There are hotels in South Beach that are right on the beach, while others are tucked away near golf courses and tropical vegetation. Whether you are searching for Fort Lauderdale weekly rentals or a hotel in South Beach, please contact us today.

Florida is known for its lush beauty and warm climates. In South Beach, Florida, there are hotels for every type of trip imaginable. If youíre coming with small children, there are hotels equipped with playgrounds, video arcades, and other activities for children. We can help you decide which one of our South Beach or Ft. Lauderdale vacation rentals will be right for your entire family. If youíre a swinging single, there are hotels in South Beach with great nightclubs and restaurants. If you want a combination of the two, South Beach, Florida can accommodate you, too! For more Florida vacation rentals, please use the dropdown menus on the right, or contact us today.

If you already know which hotel you are looking for, you can also use our dropdown menu on the right to view all of our properties by name. We are eager to help you find the perfect hotel that will meet your specific needs. Whether you need a Miami Beach vacation rental for a large group or a South Beach hotel for two, Premier Vacation Rentals can help.

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