Pets OK

My name is Hedda. Want to know more about me? Click my picture. My name is Hedda. Want to know more about me? Click my picture.
Pets OK Pets OK
While traveling with your pet, would you like to stay in a
Home Condo
For all properties:
Sorry, No Dobermans, Rottweilers or any breed resembling a Pit Bull Terrier.
After a hard day of playing at the beach even a Jack Russell can get sleepy. Pets OK
Homeless kitten and puppy...........not to worry......both rescued by Premier and placed in wonderful homes. Both these animals were bought from homeless people carrying them around in the hot Miami sun. The puppy is now full grown and lives with the owner of Premier - the kitten is now a cat and lives with a local Miami real estate professional. Pets OK
Pets OK
This kitten was found wandering around South Beach trying to follow everybody home. I was catching a plane in just two hours so timing was not on my side! Joe Perez of Bluewater Realty came to the rescue and took the little kitty in. Thank God for a Realtor with a heart of gold. Pets OK
Pets OK
South Beach is a
party town for everybody!
Pets OK
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