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Ford Lauderdale
Rated 8 3/4

2080 OCEAN 2 and 3 Bedroom oceanfront condos

The 2080 building is approximately thirteen minutes South of Ft. Lauderdale by car. We have added it to the Lauderdale section because it is a lovely property and well worth the drive.


Rated 8 1/4

The Bay Club Two bedroom 2/bath

This property is worth giving serious consideration. It is 15 minutes South of Fort Lauderdale in one of the last few blocks of North Miami. The driving distance is about 15 minutes to Lauderdale. It is a very very nice property and worth the drive.

Intracoastal Building One Bedroom
Marina Bay 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom

New River Village one and two bedrooms

More Choices
Cities such as Hollywood, Hillsboro, Pompano, Boca and even North Miami are anywhere from 7 - 20 minutes away. We have some wonderful properties in those areas too. Please click your back button to view them.
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